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The Arcade Machine is Here

Posted by zoyx on 2005.12.04 at 16:36
The reason behind me starting up this community is because I purchased an arcade Marble Madness machine. I picked it up yesterday. The seller had about 10 classic arcade machines in his basement. This is my first machine.

The machine worked fine in the seller's basement. After a 50 mile trip, muscling it into the condo, then plugging it in, I received a "6502 no response" error. After throwing a tantrum and then pouting, I went on line and found what this error was referring to. The number 6502 was referring to a CPU. I also learned that corrosion is a constant problem with chips like this. All I did was pull the chip out, then plugged it back in. This refreshed the contacts enough so I now had a working Marble Madness machine. Here's how it looks in my bedroom.

The track balls were sluggish. They obviously haven't been tuned up in quite some time. From the manual, you shouldn't have more than 3/8s of an inch of wear on the shafts (see diagram). One trackball had 3/4s of an inch of wear, while the other was right at the 3/8 inch mark. So replacement shafts are on order. I also have another trackball scheduled to arrive, I bid and won a used 3" trackball for $10 plus shipping. This one will probably need new shafts as well.

Even with the sluggish trackballs, I managed to get a score around 102,000. After a shaky start, we are off and running.

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