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Rolling Madness

Posted by zoyx on 2005.12.03 at 06:41
In my travels through the internet, I found the game, "Rolling Madness". From what I have played and the credits the author gives, I am guessing, he took the original Marble Madness roms from the arcade game, and ported them directly over to an OpenGL engine. You play fairly exact replicas of the original levels from the arcade game. The physics and patterns seem to be subtly off, but not enough to lose the flavor of the original game.

Rolling Madness was released back in May, so this is fairly recent project. I couldn't find a linux port, but the author tried to code the game platform neutral. So a linux and OS-X port are possible.

The author tried to produce a 3D perspective. The camera view follows the ball and is not statically locked like in the original. You can go back to classic, locked camera view by toggling the F5 key.

You can play the game with your mouse, but that is not recommended. You definitely need to go get a trackball. I just checked CompUSA's and Newegg's web sites, and they do have some capable trackballs for sale. The bigger, the better. If you want to go upscale, get an actual arcade track ball and interface it with your PC. Happ controls has done most of the work for you. You will still need to build a housing for your Happ controller, but this is as good as your going to get.

So for those that have Windows, and you want a taste of Marble Madness action, Rolling Madness is your download.

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